Dogs acting strange

Okay, so since I've been pregnant my pup who is about 3 and a half months old has been glued to me ever since he's been able to walk and keep up with me. Here recently me and my boyfriend have been told by our doctor that our son is mesuring two weeks ahead and that I'm also mesuring ahead of what I'm supposed to be. The last few weeks he's stayed right on my heals even following me to the bathroom and trying g to go in with me, many times I've had to get him out of the bathroom just so I could use it. For about a week now he's been acting strange, and not like normal dog strange as if he needs to go out, almost every night now he will bark and growl towards the kitchen like he hears something but there's never anything or anyone there, tonight he was acting super strange with his barking and even going so far as to get in my shoulder and lay his head across my neck, he was restless acting, constantly moving around on the bed and he moved around from my side laying on my belly or laying by my feet, he pawed at my belly which he doesn't usually do and he was even licking it which seemed just really strange to me. Even as pups I know dogs have a higher sence of things than humans do, I was wondering what yall think of this. P.s. I'm due in December but from what the doctors are telling us I could be due sooner that my due date