11 month old still hates the carseat

Lauren • FTM, Sonny - 38w2d

Help... lol he literally stiff-legs us as we gently try to put him in the carseat. Poor guy i have no idea why he hates it so much. After we buckle him in to get going hes usually fine but on some occasions he will scream until he can no longer breathe usually causing me to pull over to make sure hes okay. We have tons of toys for him to easily grab, paci, we always make sure hes not too hot or cold depending on weather. We have a maxicosi and rear facing still, and tilted so hes not leaning too far back. He is a super active baby and im thinking hes just defiant about being strapped in but man, i thought he’d be over it by now. Any tips are appreciated.

Here he is just bc he’s cute and it makes up for all the screaming.