fantasized past sex session.

Im now 33 and married for 4 years. I have been with 6 men and 3 women. Since i lost my virginity at, 16.

To this day i think of best sex ive had that was in 2005. I was about 17-18. I just started having a cruch on my best friends weed dealer. Yes, i smoked back then.

We would hang out with him and chill and smoke, we will call bob and he was 19.

One day i had nothing to do after we all hung out. Well bob ask me if i wanted to go get something to eat and chill. I said yes, since i wanted to get to know him more.

So we ate and head back to him house. Which was his dads house. The doors were both locked and he lost kye couple days ago from what he said.

We end up sitting in his backyard. It had a table and 2 chairs, which one was broken. So i sat in chair, while he sat on a broken washer machine that was puched against wall by a gate.

We end up smoking and hitting it off. Well i get up and go to pass him the joint. While i did i leaned in and kissed him. Well he gets off the washer machine abd puts joint out and we started making out.

Well he lifts me up on washer machine and opens my legs. Which i had skirt on. I Kind of get shy but then didnt care. All sudden my underwear is off and hes eatting me out. Then were having sex. During all this. The sun was setting and it starts to drizzle rain.

Everything at once was amazing. One were outside. His dad or whatever could've seen us, and something about how skanky it is to be fucked on a broken washer machine. Hahaha also the cold rain.

He was so good at what he was doing and what i wanted. After his dad shows up and we hung out for bit longer.

We dated for few weeks but it ended sadly. He started useing hard drugs.