Baby Position

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀

Okay, so this may sound like a really stupid question, I have no idea. But please answer 😂

I’m 15 weeks and notice my baby it always on the right side. I also have a large fibroid on that side (at least 7 cm the last time they measured)

A few days ago I got a private ultrasound done to find out the baby’s gender. The baby was wedged in my right side (probably close to the fibroid) and we couldn’t see her head because it was tucked away.

Now it seems like she’s not moving out of that area. Early last week there was one night when I could feel her moving from side to side depending on what side I lay on.

But now she always stays on the right side, even if I lay on my left side.

I’m worried that my baby is stuck there because of my fibroid! And what if it affects her growth? I have no idea! Is any of this possible?

I also have an anatomy scan in a little over a week and I’m afraid she’ll be in the same position she was in at the private ultrasound and they won’t be able to get any measurements.

Is it possible to get her away from my right side or help her move? Of course I’ll ask my doctor all this if she’s still in the same position at the anatomy ultrasound. But I just need some opinions right now 😬