So I posited awhile ago a pic of my opks will post down..on CD13 it was what I though was positive but pre mom app gave it a 0.78 T/C ratio when I’m positive I. Usually get a 1. Something..that day I had really bad cramping so I’m trying to figure out if I count that as ovulation day? I never have cramps like that unless it’s my af..I have been testing since and it seems to be getting lighter again..I know they kinda bounce all over the place but I usually get my positives around cd12 to CD15 being my cycles are only maximum of 28 days least being 25 days..soooo do I count the 27th as my ovulation day..that would make me about 2dpo? HELPPPPP PLEASE

All my test I have been taking for this cycle

This one I took the 27th CD13 I Blige this was my positive..According to my <a href="">glow app</a> and Premom app I’m due to ovulate tomorrow..tested this morning was wayyyy negative..and yes I know the apps are just a guess..but it’s usually off by a day or two.. anyways any advice is appreciated thanks in advance