Implantation bleeding

How light or heavy is it really supposed to be? I need some peoples experiences on this

Life’s got a way of screwing with me these days and maybe I’m just a little irritated because EVERYTIME i think it’s implantation bleeding it turns into my period !

We told each other we weren’t going to go nuts on a schedule this month because of Christmas and stuff so we weren’t really trying, now ALL OF A SUDDEN , I get sick . Boobs start to get sore. And the spotting begins.

The difference this round is I’m 8DPO according to the app and I’ve had light spotting start at 6DPO. Every other time it’s been closer to my period and I’m never early getting my period always late if anything

So now I’m my head I’m going nuts again when I said I wouldn’t this month !! But the dates are matching up correctly now ? So now OBV I’m back in game mode.

The spotting is cycling between brownish , to light pink to actually wiping blood and occasional blood drips. It’s barely crossing the line of an actual flow and it’s driving me nuts trying to distinguish what the hells going on!

I really want to keep hopes up but I also didn’t want to stress out this month ! But that’s life for you. I just really want it to work out now that it has me thinking it might. AF is due January 4th.

What are other people’s experiences or knowledge regarding implantation bleeding .

And how early should I test ? Thanks