You are doing great!

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To all the November mamas who feel like they don't have it all together...whose babies are gassy and you wonder if you are feeding them the wrong thing...or whose babies won't sleep....who may have raised their voices out of frustration....or told their baby in a very sweet voice to be quiet and shut their piehole (yes this was me...she doesn't know what I'm saying. Lol.)...who have realized that they have gone 3 days without giving the baby a bath (again me)....or heaven forbid, let their baby cry for a few minutes because they needed to eat, or shower, or whatever.

I just saw a news story that happened one county over from mine . It was about a mother who slept in a car with her 2 week old in 28 degree weather. They were in the parking lot of a convenience store, the clerk offered to let them sit in the store to stay warm, but the mom declined and took her baby back to the car. Baby was only wearing a onsie, no coat, socks, etc. The next morning the car was there with windows iced over, clerk called police. The mom was passed out. Her 2 week old was about 30 minutes away from death (according to the doctors at the hospital.) All because mom declined a warm place for her child.

The point is, no matter how hard it is. And how much we worry, or feel inadequate, we are doing a great job, because we are trying every day to do our best for our little ones!!