41weeks pregnant... Family support zilch


Today I finally decided to tell my sister what's on my mind about my mom wanting me to travel for 8 hours with my newborn to be home, I live in another province and have lived here for three years. During my pregnancy my family has done nothing but stress me out, make me cry and at some point made me wish I wasn't pregnant. My partner has tried to be supportive but now me going home will cut him out of baby's life for the first few weeks, not to mention the financial burden of having to travel between two provinces so soon after having baby. I'm having a c section tomorrow because baby isn't engaging and he or she is already a week overdue. I know my mother will try to persuade me to travel shortly after having the OP.

I thought since my sister lives with my mom and she understood that this expectation upset me so much, she would've tried to atleast talk to my mother. Instead, she's on my mother's side. I was looking forward to 2020 being my last year to complete my 3rd degree but traveling will have me skipping a semester. I'm so upset. This isn't the birth I wanted, my family failed to see things the way I want after a loss 9 years ago and now I have to forget about school for the forst half of 2020. I'm so sad and depressed.