Is this assault?


This was 2 years ago my sophomore year in high school and I met this guy lets call him J. He was well known around the school as the dude that fights a lot and I sat wit him at lunch... his best friend had a crush on me and so slowly as the months went by and J started talking more to me and in my DMs on Instagram. So one day at like 4am we were talking and we started talking about sex (I don’t know what I was thinking but I initiated this conversation) but it never went further than this. One day at lunch he asked me to stay after school to help him with math so I did then he told me that he needed to get this shirt from his aunts house and he wanted me to help him and my dumbass went🤦🏽‍♀️. We were in the room and he started kissing me and touching me and he tried taking my pantyhose off (since I was wearing a skirt) but I kept telling him no. But I started contradicting myself in my mind like do I really want this? Or why am I acting like a baby and I should just take it like a big girl it wasn’t that deep and Maybe he could tell that I was being indecisive because he still kept pushing me to take my clothes off (mind you I AM a virgin but he didn’t know that). It was getting dark out and he kept putting my head down trying to get me to give him head but I kept pulling my head back saying no and that I had to go because it was getting late. After doing this for a while he forcefully opened my mouth and made me give him head. After that I’m school he switched tables never talked to me again which I was grateful because I was EXTREMELY embarrassed because I thought that I was acting childish. Maybe I’m overreacting or something idk if this was assault or what.🤷🏽‍♀️