Feels like divorce is an option

We've been married for almost 7 months... We rushed into marriage because I was pregnant. We were a happy couple and after I got pregnant I started being unhappy I couldn't stand him so I blew it off thinking it was only because I was pregnant with raging hormones. After I had our son everything seems still the same- he doesn't help me at all with our son he's 9 weeks old and my husband has maybe only changed 10 max diapers, hasn't bathed him, hasn't changed his outfits but 1 time, doesn't play with him but maybe 10 mins a day, won't watch him while I run to the store.... My husband won't go to church with me anymore... I have no sex drive and the only time  my husband is sweet to me and not complaining about something is when he wants to have sex. He yells at me if the house is a mess. He complains about me being tired when our 9 week old wakes up every 2-3 hours in the night... Always wanting to go out to friends or play video games. I'm just done I can't do this much more.