My Husband and I went off of birthday control a year ago and decided to start "trying

My Husband and I went off of birthday control a year ago and decided to start "trying." I went to the OB for my annual and was given the all clear to get started right away. Despite having no thyroid (thyroidectomy in Jan. 2014 due to an extreme case of Graves' disease) she did not seem concerned one bit. I've spent the last year wondering what I should do differently to try and conceive and wondering if the challenge was due to the lack of thyroid. A few months ago (end of July) I learned my OB was retiring and was recommended to a new Dr. I went right in to see her and told her about my situation and she ran lots of tests to confirm I was ovulating, that my eggs were healthy and mature, and even had my Husband go in for an S.A. Which he passed with flying colors. She then performed this procedure where she put air and liquid up into my uterus to see if I had any blockages from my tubes. Again- came outta there with a clean bill of health and a script for Clomid! Doctor had me on the lowest dose for month one (50mg/day for 5 days, starting on day 3 of my cycle). She also recommended my Husband and I have sex every other day starting on day 11  of my cycle. We did and had so much fun! :) I didn't struggle with many side effects from taking the Clomid, but did notice a dull nagging headache for a few days last week. Turns out- I am pregnant! Which totally explains the annoying headache, as my hormones are changing and crazy right now! My cycle was due to start yesterday, and I was all out of tests so I didn't test with my first morning pee. I actually thought maybe I was starting because I noticed some light spotting yesterday evening. "Oh well" I thought, and just figured we would try again next month. Until today, my period still hadn't shown up completely and I only have had very inconsistent and light spotting that could easily be explained as implantation bleeding, so I decided to go get a test. I peed on that stick mid day and have gotten a +! It feels so good! And surreal! I can't wait to call my doctor tomorrow to go in right away. Since I have the thyroid issue, I will be very high risk from day 1. So please be saying lots of prayers for a healthy and fruitful pregnancy! 
​Glow has been really really good for me to get lots of little tips and useful information! It has also been a great and easy way to track my cycle, and symptoms, as well as our sexual activity! I have also tried "Ovulation Mom" and "Fertility Friend" and Glow has absolutely been my favorite!!!