Trouble latching

My son is 9 days old and we've had trouble with breastfeeding since day 1, which had gotten better until this weekend. They say he possibly has a posterior tongue tie and bubble palate which makes breastfeeding very painful. I have a lot of milk and we were advised to do finger feedings as well as breastfeed, until my nipples had a chance to heal. That was going well and we had 2 appointments with the lactation consultant and she was very pleased with all of our progress and breastfeeding was actually getting easier. We discussed using a soothie to help soothe him because he was wanting to use me as a pacifier, she said that that may help exercise his tongue to get the right suck for feeding. Fast forward to Saturday after having fairly good success with finger feeding and breastfeeding since Thursday he will not latch. My nipple will be in his mouth and milk will be dripping in, but he will not latch he just screams. I've tried trying the other breast, trying every position I know, calming him down, and changing him. I'm worried that the finger feedings and/or pacifier have caused him confusion. The only thing I found that has worked was finger feeding him a little then moving him to the breast and that is still a fight. It makes me so sad to see him so distraught, it makes me feel like I'm failing him. I need help! My SO just wants to use bottles and I'm not ready to give up!