Life what to do

Well, I've tried to stay busy this last month. Too busy. Overwhelmed myself actually. My hubby asks why are you allowing yourself to be over booked. I don't want to admit to him that this is how I'm coping. I am staying soooooooo busy so I can't think about the fact that we're not getting pregnant. That are appointment is coming up since it's nearly been a year. I was really hoping we would be pregnant b4 then. I know everyone says stop trying quit thinking about it. The thing is the first 5 months I did do that. Then two months ago I spent a whole month and didn't track anything or think about it cuz I was too busy. Now I'm trying to keep myself busy so I can't think about it and fall apart. :( I am just plain sad. Anyone have any suggestions or advice. None of my family knows I'm trying so glow is my support group.