Breastfeeding help.

Rachel • I have 2 amazingly beautiful boys! One turned 3 in December, and his little brother was born October 7th! 💙💙
My son is exclusively nursed (2 weeks 4 days) and I haven't offered a bottle (pumped) yet. I am so incredibly happy that it's going well and that he's gaining weight! I find that when I'm holding him, all he wants to do is nurse, and it's very difficult to get anything done and to spend quality time with my 3 year old son. I have to give him to my husband after he's done nursing because he won't relax and just keeps routing. I have to pry him away from my boob after a while because he's not even really sucking, he's just using me as a pacifier when he's done eating. My question is whether or not you experience the same thing, and if it lessens as he gets older? Thanks!