Can people see if you look up their page on Instagram?

So I have an old roommate from college who i had a falling out with and we don’t speak anymore. We aren’t friends on any social media but her page is public.

I have no hard feelings towards her, but I guess she does for me... so anyways when I heard from someone we both know that she was about to have a baby I was genuinely curious and interested in seeing her baby and knowing that it arrived healthy!

So I looked up her Instagram twice, waiting to see. (I didn’t like anything so I don’t know how else she would see that I did). Then the next time I looked about two weeks later, her page was set to private. I’m wondering if somehow she knew I was looking her up?

I guess I was being kind of a creep lol I just still care for her even though we had an argument and lost touch and wanted to see that her baby arrived and is healthy and happy! I was even going to message her congratulating her.

I feel stupid and like she knew I was searching for her page 🤦🏼‍♀️ sort of embarrassing.

So is there a way for her to know I was searching her page a couple of times even though I didn’t like any posts?