Am i wrong??


So back story my father in law has this girlfriend let’s call her K. K is a very fake toxic person she started stuff with me and my mother in law and her friend creating lies and other stuff. She’s just a horrible person. We went over there for Christmas out of respect for my husbands dad and my father in law and I were talking about baby # 2. She comes up and starts talking like she’s going to be there... she makes me so uncomfortable and she has called me crazy and a bitch and all sorts of stuff and has made it clear my husband and I aren’t in the picture. Only my son and son to be second baby. So today. I texted my father in law and told him I’m making my birth plan and I only want my immediate family there with no visitors... now K works at the hospital I’m delivering at.. shortly after I sent my FIL this text she texted me right after saying can’t wait to hold the little munchkin when he’s born. I texted her back and said I’m sorry but I don’t want any visitors ( AKA YOU) and she said that since she works at the hospital I can’t keep her away. I simply replied I am sorry but I do not want you anywhere near me. Or my baby. You make me uncomfortable and stress me out. Please this is my birth plan I need you to stay away. And she sent me a laughing emoji... am I wrong?? She thinks just bc she’s my FIL girlfriend she’s entitled to be there?