Fake friends???

I’m in year 11 and I’ve been friends with these girls for 3-4 years they never invite me anywhere ,they never call or text or ask if I’m okay ,the group of them make plans all the time in front of me and never invite me anywhere and walk of and ditch me so I sit there nearly every break and lunch time alone and even if they are are theere I’m still all alone coz they don’t say one word to me

Are they true friends ??

Update:I’m still friends with them but I left the group table that we all sat together at now at breaks and lunch time I hang around with 2 different girls and I’m feeling more comfortable around them and more happier and I can talk to them loads ,it’s a bit awkward around the group when I see them when I walk past if I say hi they sometimes might say it back but usually they just look at me and ignore it 🤷🏻‍♀️