Boyfriend and father of child cheating?

Sarah • momma to Kayli 8/5/18 and Alayna 10/9/20 20

I’ve posted this on another page, but I’m taking this so hard. So my boyfriend who I live with and darher of my 1 yr old has always had a tendency to lie. He goes out With friends all the time. He turns his phone off and lies about where he is at. Come to find out, he goes to parties and tells me instead he is with friends just drinking. Well, lately he has been staying out all night With friends. He doesn’t spend time with me or my daughter. Okay, so he also smokes weed, and could possibly be selling it, as I know he did a few months ago but he said he quit. This is a convo between him and his friend I found the other night. I wanted to snoop to see if o found anything and I find this. Could this mean cheating? And if he is, should I try and get him to work it out? He always lies about where he is at and spends more time with “friends” and out of the house ignoring me and his daughter. And I apologize for the language. He won’t admit to anything If confronted and says I’m crazy for thinking. My boyfriends texts are white his friends is blue

And when told “tell me who you want when you get there” he says he’s “that’s a bet” I’m in denial, I know