Bf broke up with me but want to be fwb???

long story... my ex wasn’t sure what he wanted in life (hes 28) but he spent most of his time working so I would frequently trying to talk to him or spend time together generally... At first he would call me every night after work and talk about our day, then we decided to live together and after like 6months in hos house I wasnt feeling good, like he would go to work at 7am and be home at 7pm but directly to watch tv or be in his phone all the time, we didn’t spent time on weekends or anything, because he would go with his dad to eat and his coworkers instead of doing it with me, but sex was amazing, like every other night he would just came home after work directly to kiss me and you know... But after months I try to talk to him about me being alone all the time, him spending his only free time with his dad and coworkers instead of me and became an issue, so after we talked he change completely with me!! He would not talk to me, he came home take a shower and leave, coming back at 2am and not answering my calls at all, so I was super confuse bc I talked about how I felt and he just ignored me completely after that, saying He was good with me and that the things I was worried about caught him out of the blue, that he believed we were ok and that he needed to “think” but he changed!! I was living in his house and be treated like that (ignored) was the worst thing ever! I spent like 2 weeks crying for him, trying to talk, he wouldn’t even sleep with me, he would sleep in our room but not talk to me at all, and then he finally told me that he didnt know what to expect of us and that he didnt know what to do, so he broke up with me.

After like a month he went to my mothers house (Yes I went back to live with my mom after he broke up with me) looking for me, he talked about how he felt and said that we could “start over” but slowly cuz he felt moving in together was too much, so I felt bad and said i needed to “think” but, I was heartbroken the way he ignored me was the worst feeling ever! So I decided not to get back with him... every other week he would send a text just to know how I was and thats it, after like 4 months know he is calling me every other day, or sending me texts and now he tells me that he broke up with me because he wasnt sure what he wants, he dosent want a relationship but wants to have sex, he said that maybe later he would be prepare to have something serious but for now he wants to see me when ever I want sex or vice versa, hes excuse was that we have a lot of chemistry and maybe in a future he would like to have me as his gf again💔

I still have feelings for him but That just not ok! My suspicious ass believe he went out with other girl and doesn’t work out so he wants me back but at the same time not... idk I just wanted to let it out, it is complicated to me moving on if hes there every other week trying and then ghosted me😪