Boyfriend wanting an abortion? Help..

I need some advice...

Im a single mom of a 4yr old i am currently 21. Why am i a single mom? I chose to be since my sons father would abuse me while drunk(was not like this when i met him, a whole different person once we moved in completely) Would hit me , break my things, and not to mention he would be out late and come home at 6am drunk talking about let me see your phone..... and if i didnt hand my phone over he would start bugging and harassing me. Well i got tired and we havent been together since my son was 3months.

I decided to move on down the road.. i found this guy i went to dental school with , we have been together 3yrs now. I was taking care of myself i had the nexplanon this whole time( Very careful to mention). I ended up pregnant. At first he was trying to calm me down because i was freaking out. And he kept saying its okay dont worry we will get through this. Which made me better at the time. But then the conversation of abortion started hitting the fan.

As a pregnant women you do not want to hear this. WELL ATLEAST I DONT.

Now im 8weeks going to 9 and its been the same since i was about 4 weeks. And still with the same conversation. Ive blocked him from everything.

Any suggestions ??

I mean i feel like running away and just protecting my kids( where he knows nothing about us) ...