Any advice for me?

Alexandra • I`m 27, husband is 32, our first child is due early March
This is my first month TTC and (I think) I'm currently 5dpo. Today I feel SO incredibly exhausted. I got 8 hours sleep last night but still felt tired mid morning so I took a nap and woke up 2 hours later. It didn't help though. I've been fighting off heavy eyes and sleepiness all day.
To add to that, I've also had some weird twinges in my pelvic region and I've been absolutely ravenous today.
Oh, and my cervix is still really high I can hardly reach it.
Did anyone else have symptoms this early and end up with a BFP? I know it's too early to tell and if we did conceive it wouldn't have even implanted yet, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
So share with me your stories, tips and advice ☺️