September 15 2020


I had a gut feeling I was pregnant my partner had to hide the last 2 pregnancy tests last month because I took 20 tests within 3 days certain I was pregnant. Well he proposed to me on Christmas Day and we where barely even trying and this morning I begged him to let me take one because my period was technically late (my cycles are between 25-27days) and today makes CD 26. I was so focused on wedding planning that I only realised I could be pregnant when I didnt get cramps last week and my boobs hurt like crazy when my partner touched it. Ive had two losses (9w5d in July 2019 and 4w5d in September 2019) I really hope this is our rainbow baby 😭 and It’ll be due a year before we marry. Thats also my son in the photo hes 1 1/2 yo 😍