Am I being sensitive?

I just feel like I’m not being heard and I’m happy to finally of made an appointment with my doctor

I called my doctors office around The beginning of December to tell them that I had been spotting and cramping for 2 weeks.

(I have the Copper iud and I’ve had it since the beginning of September with no issues, periods on time, until November. Now I have spotting every day, no periods, and cramping on and off)

They told me that it was normal

I called again the day after Christmas and said that I’ve still been spotting and cramping.

She asked if I had my period yet and I told her no

Which she told me was not normal

Then she asked how much bleeding I’ve had and I said sometimes it’ll be about a tablespoon in my underwear and sometimes it’s just when I wipe

And then she goes that’s normal and I told her that I’m not comfortable with this and I wanted an appointment with my doctor

And she tells me “I don’t think a little blood when you wipe is THAT big of a deal”

I told her it’s not just the bleeding that I’m uncomfortable with it was also the cramping, and I said I wanted an appointment to get it removed if I can’t get an appointment to get it checked

And she ended up getting an appointment to get it checked, but I’m thinking about just getting it removed instead

Am I being sensitive?

And should I just get it removed?