I no one is a doctor on here but I have Trigeminal neuralgia whilst pregnant


I’m 7 weeks exactly pregnant today , in setemeber my doctor finally made the descion that’s what I had cause the pain is unbearable I could not eat drink breath , talk swallow without the left side of my face hurting like mad , i got tablets for it and wasn’t able to get pregnant on them cause there harmful to the baby , anyway skip to end of October/beginning of November , pain completely disappeared found out I was pregnant a week before christmas and the pain has just started to come back , can anyone recommend a pain killer that’s safe for me and the baby ? Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Don’t work at all before I fell pregnant I went to the ane due to the pain and they gave me codine ( never again am I taking those they are horrible and the side affects are horrible too ) but they worked amazing for my pain