Cat won’t stay out of our food!

So we got this cat from a girl who apparently rescued him. Story is that he was a stray & they had witnessed his sibling get hit by a car, so they caught him & brought him home so the same wouldn’t happen to him.

She kept him at her house for a week, posted all over social media & around town hoping he wasn’t just a stray cat & had just gotten out. No one claimed him. Her husband then said he had to find a new home for whatever reason.

So my husband decided he wanted the cat. I was reluctant. I’m currently pregnant with our second child & we already had a dog & a rat. I didn’t want another animal. But, I gave in.

When we brought the cat home he was trouble straight away. He pees on the clothing we leave on the bathroom floor even though his litter box (which he would poop in just fine) was clean or poop in our bath tub. We keep our bathroom door shut now so he won’t get it there.

He won’t leave our food alone - if we leave something on the counter to grab a drink his face is in our plate. He jumps up on the table as we’re trying to eat & tries to steal our food or knock our plates off the table. He’s jumped on top of our daughters high chair to try & steal her food. He knocks over the trash can at night. He eats his own cat food that he has access to 24/7. We keep his bowl full hoping that would take care of them problem, so it’s not like he doesn’t have any food. He’ll just eat his own food & then come to get ours.

Thought maybe he just didn’t like the brand we were buying so we switched brands. Same thing. We’ve tried just about every cat food brand there is.

This cat is a nightmare & now I see why this woman’s husband didn’t want him after they supposedly rescued him.

How can I fix this? I’d hate to get rid of him & just pass the problem on to someone else. I’m a strong believer that an animal is a life time responsibility. I’m just at my wits end with this damn cat.


Update: He has already been to the vet. We took him when we got him. Vet said for a stray cat he’s very healthy. He isn’t fixed but I’ve made an appointment to get him fixed hoping that’ll help his peeing on things.