Natural hair


*i really wanted to share my natural hair journey*

For most of my life I’ve been getting my hair relaxed once or twice a year.

This is what it looked like

I was always super insecure about wearing my real hair with some type of weave. So I’d always wear my hair in either a sew in, glue in, or a ponytail with hair added.

After I graduated high school I decided to grow my hair out to see what it’d look like. So, June 2018 I started transitioning my hair. I did protein treatments once a month to grow my hair faster. Once my hair started to grow what texture and hair type I had so that so that I would that I would know how to maintain my hair once I cut it. I’d found out that I had 4c hair and it was hard to manage because half of my hair was straight and the other half was super kinky. I eventually got tired of it and cut it off. I did my big chop in March of 2019

*a week before big chop*

I after I cut it, I did not know what to do with it. I couldn’t put it in a ponytail because it was so coily. Gel would not work on my hair at that length. I did not know what to do with my hair.

Until my hair was at a decent length I wore protective styles. Like wigs

So flash forward to now. January 2020. I have to stretch my hair for it to fit in a ponytail because of shrinkage.