Pregnant? Help?

Hey um so for the last like 2 weeks ive been super nauseous. Every time I eat I get nauseous but I never throw up, Im a person who never really throws up, haven't done it in years. But ive been getting super nauseous like I said, and the last...3? Days my breasts have been so sore an today I was holding them an they feel swollen. My stomach has been sensitive. I dont crave meat at all I see it an I get sick. Also if my SO puts his arm around me an its to much pressure on my stomach then I get super sick feeling. An yesterday my SO an I were having "special time" an I had a bad pressure near my left ovarie? An ive been pretty gassy which i know is a symptom My next period isnt for 9 days according to Glow which is usually accurate.. when should I test? An should I even test or am I being paranoid?