Last cycle of clomid approaching

Well af showed her ugly face yesterday. So this will be my 3rd and final round of clomid. I  already ovulate on my own with regular 28 day cycles so she said if nothing happens in 3 months we will move on to the next step.  I'm assuming <a href="">ivf</a>? Gosh that sounds so scary and expensive!! After trying naturally for 2 years, using opks and fertility monitor and preseed, and no success I went to the the doctor. After hsg and blood and labs of all sorts, I have unexplained infertility. I am 27 years old. Young and healthy. My husband is 32 and very healthy. We always hit my fertile window at least every other day so I am baffled as to why it has not happened yet. I keep hearing that my time will come and it will happen when it's supposed to. While I believe that I am also very scared and have gone thru quite a bit of depression. Has anyone had success with a story like mine or similar? <a href="">Ivf</a> success or natural?  I need pick me ups! Thanks ladies!
Oh and if anything please send baby dust!