He’s here 🧡


On January 21, 2020 I had been having pretty bad upper left pain in my ribs and was enough to send me into L&D to be checked out... after a long boring 6 hours and a round of blood work later, the OB on call proceeds to tell me that we’re gonna have a baby and I would start my induction . I had the oxytocin drip start at 1:30am. Opted for the epidural around 5 am as I could really feel the contractions getting stronger. They checked me at 10am I was 6cm dilated. By 11am I was feeling an unbelievable amount of pressure and babe wasn’t waiting for anybody! Suddenly there’s 8 nurses and the doctor at my feet, 4 minutes of pushing and my beautiful baby boy was born at 11:17 am on January 22,2020 weighing 7lbs12oz at 37weeks6days 🧡 instant love!! So happy to have you in my arms finally.