Do I look as heavy as I am 😭?!

Hey, girls! So, I have a question for you all 😊💕 so ever since I was in 7th grade I’ve been exercising regularly (I’m 23 years old now). I’ve always struggled with my weight but I never had to worry too much about diet when I was younger. but I always ate well. Ever since my senior year of college, I’ve noticed the scale has inched up more and more. I’ve tried hitting the gym harder and I even use an app to count my calories fat and sugar intake now as of the last few months. I meal prep too.

I’ve seen minimal changes and I’m very self conscious about being so thick. I’m 5’6” and I weigh 220-230 lbs. my weight fluctuates a lot but that’s the gist of what I usually see on the scale. This is the heaviest I’ve been and I don’t wanna gain more by any means. my thighs are my main issue.

I took these today after working out.

Am I too heavy?? Any advice??

Update: Hey ladies! I just wanna say thank you for every comment on this post you guys have left. I didn’t expect to get so many responses ! I haven’t replied to each individually but I wanted to let you all know I’ve read each one ❤️💕 you’re all really honest and kind.

So, I know some of you may be wondering why I’m not much lighter. Agreed I could lose some lbs in fat. But , I used to weight like 160 and believe it or not this is what I used to look like.

My arms were way too thin and I was malnourished and made myself super sick. My legs have always been my largest point but this was not a healthy weight for me at all. So I definitely don’t wanna be under 190!

I’ve taken some of your advice! I’m working now to eat healthier meal preps during the week. Weekends are hard cause I always seem to have some sort of party or outing to attend to. But I’m tracking calories.

Thanks ladies ❤️