I cheated on my boyfriend

I cheated on my boyfriend of 3 years, He found out through my WhatsApp messages that I cheated on him with two different guys. I got so ashamed of myself and told him to let's breakup because the hurt was too much for him. He forgave me and told me he will never leave me but I should promise him I will change, I did and cut contact with the guys but since we had that issue, my boyfriend love for me has drastically reduced, I feel so bad and the love is not what it used to be. I force all romance on him now try to take him out, buy him gift, make him laugh but he is not the guy I used to know again. I spoke to him and he said he's trying to get himself out of the shock I gave him. It's killing me, I'm scared I might not have his love again even after marriage. I feel so bad and disappointed in myself that I made him that way. He still comes around and ask me if I'm going to cheat on him again everytime we have sex. I'm losing it, it's been 6months now and to crown it, he is leaving the country soon for work. I fear the distance might break us but he keeps assuring me I'm the one he will marry.

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