Feeling Nervous

I’m 17w4d, I really need a new job. I checked my schedule today and I only have 15 hours this week :( My boyfriend has a leadership position & secretly informed me that they’re cutting employees at our job. My manager has been on vacation for a while, he doesn’t know that I’m pregnant but my lead, multiple other managers, colleagues, & even the store manager(on maternity leave) are aware of my pregnancy through my boyfriend. I’ve been searching for job ideas and listings online but I’m feeling very discouraged at the moment. I feel like they will be hard to get because I’m still young, working at the only job I’ve ever had, & was hoping to finally start college online in the fall while taking care of my baby. I knew it was going to be hard work but I’m totally unprepared for the loss of income. Besides my boyfriend, I will not have any financial support. I don’t want to depend on him for money as I have my own bills which I see as my responsibility to pay and it would be too much for him to take on although he offered to do what he can. I’m just hoping I can find a way through this. I’m praying for my baby and my sanity.