BF 6m old started solids - still not pooping?

My baby is 6.5 months and we started solids about 4 weeks ago. She was exclusively BF prior to that and even then she didn’t poo everyday, probably once every 6 days (give or take 2).

Now she’s on solids though she’s still every 4-6 days and I’m starting to worry - that cannot be right surely?

She’s never seemed constipated or uncomfortable and even when she did go it would be a full nappy but never a blow out.

This morning has changed that though, she’s screamed this morning and I can only conclude it’s tummy pain, her last poo was Thursday.

I’ve booked her into the drs anyway but couldn’t be seen until thurs unless it’s an emergency but It’s my first baby so I don’t know how often they should be pooing when they start solids

*update - it was definitely tummy ache, this is the most solid poo she’s done so far.

So new question, do they get better at digesting and pooing? Is this just because it’s new to her?