Found this in my husbands laptop,

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All of our iCloud photos get uploaded to his laptop and so occasionally if I need to find an old photo I’ll just go in it and look for it. So this morning my MIL was asking for a photo from our engagement (this was years ago, but her husband has passed away since the photo was taken and she wanted the photo because it was our last photo of everyone all together before he passed). Anyway, I was going through the photos and I see a folder that I’ve never seen before. Just a folder with a heart emoji. So I click on it and see a folder FULL of photos from when we started dating. 💕 I had completely forgotten about all the silly photos we’ve taken and looking at them reminds me of a simpler time, it was heartwarming and a really nice memory. Before my mother passed, before our miscarriage, before we lost his father... but I wouldn’t change anything. We wouldn’t be here today, waiting on our beautiful rainbow baby girl if everything else hadn’t happened exactly how it did. It was a very nice reminder of what we have grown from... This pregnancy has been so rough and so full of hard times... I’m grateful to have days like this to bring me back to a positive mindset 💕