Toxic friend.

Zen, August 🍂🌻

Well, I knew this one girl and we met at a backyard party, we became close and very close like sisters. She would tell me how pretty I looked and how beautiful and upbeat I am because I have an body insecurity issue, well little did I know in our former friendship she was lying a lot but I kept it to myself although I took note of the lies she was telling. Well she was homeless she was selling her body out and it made me scared for her. So my bf and I let her stay with us for bit, but it was a bad idea because she would tell me that he would try to flirt with her and even when I kept a close eye on both of them and nothing happened he was respectful to her. When she was living with us I didn't know she was stealing things from my bf because he would say that some of his money would go missing that's when I had enough and said she cannot stay here anymore. She left but I didn't know she had hacked into my instagram and was reading my private messages while she was gone. Well someone posted screenshots of her talking a whole load of crap about me and her even admitting that she was reading my messages. She even said I looked weird and that she lied to me because she was jealous of me when I always felt insecure near her because she has a better toned body than me. Well I got heated because I found out as well, that she lied about her age, she told me she is 18 but she just turned 17 last summer turns out the whole time I knew her she was 16 and she even claimed that my friend raped her but he told me he didn't know her real age because she lied to him about her age. Which made me heated be because all this time she was lying to me. Back stabbing me and even trying to break up my relationship with my family because it has to be about her. I got so fed up and called her out on social media and all these people came up to me saying she was stealing and lying and even black mailing them. She had some nerve to call me wicked when she is wicked herself. She had my private information because she wanted to expose me for what? I didn't say nothing to her that was bad. She's fake and a liar. She recently threatened me that she is gonna put a curse on me my unborn child. And even threatened to cut me up when she see's me. But I'm okay because I'm not threatened. She doesn't have the guts to do it. She's just a shit talker. I just needed to rant because I have no one to talk to today.