Night feedings


Sunday night I started very gentle sleep training with my son. We’ve been bed sharing for quite awhile now. I’m ready to have my body and bed back and his doctor said he should be plenty ready to make the change. He was still eating 2-3 times at night but his doctor said it was still fine since he’s gaining great weight and has regular wake up times, so I have a pretty good idea of when I need to pick him up and feed him at night vs. try to get him back to sleep.

The last two nights, he’s been waking A LOT which I expect because he’s still adjusting. I’ve only been getting him and giving a bottle during the time he would normally eat. However, he has not been finishing his bottles (or even coming close) before he falls back asleep. Is it possible he is working himself away from the night feedings? Did anyone else’s baby do this when you sleep trained or even just in general before they started sleeping through the night?

I figure it could either be that or he might just be more tired from waking up more.