Does this make me a bad mother???

Is it bad or weird that i feel guilty for wanting to have a night out with friends or a date night with my boyfriend?? I’m 21 and i Havnt had a drink sence finding out i was pregnant I’m 5 weeks postpartum today! I’ll be around 8-9 weeks when we go back to visit my family and friends for a small get away so everyone can meet our daughter!! I’m so excited but my friends are already inviting me out for drinks and dinner but i feel so guilty that i want a night to myself especially being a young mom i already feel judged but i feel like me going out and getting g a few drinks with friends away from my daughter will add to people’s judgment🤷🏼‍♀️ also i don’t want my boyfriend getting mad at me that i get to go out with my friends and have some drinks if he chooses to stay home with the baby... i could just be over thinking it but does any mamas have any advice on what you guys do when you go home alittle buzzed and have to take care of your baby?? I’m just nervous i guess!