Possible HR issue? I need some help.


I'm almost 7 months PP and I've been back at work since 3 weeks PP.

My boss said I could use the bathroom to pump which I thought was gross and wrong, but I did it a couple times and then asked HR about it. She immediately made sure I had a room to use which works great usually because it's the owner's office and he's usually only at this location on Mondays. But on mondays and the occasional time he comes by for meetings and things I had to basically kick my boss out of her office (which meant I only pumped twice a day because I don't want to do that 3 or 4 times), or I had to find one that magically wasn't in use that day because someone was sick or on vacation. So I mentioned that to HR and they made sure that there will be some room available for me at all times. Problem finally solved.

Now the problem is my boss says I can stay on the clock for 20 minutes each day when I pump, but after that i need to clock out each session.

I've been trying to read up and see if that's legal, or if they are supposed to accommodate those "breaks" but I can't find a clear answer... I don't want to sound like a high maintenance or entitled employee, so I don't want to take this HR again if I don't have to... if they aren't obligated to pay me on my "pumping breaks" then I don't want to bring it up. But I also don't want to lose money on my paychecks for this if I don't have to either since we are already going into debt a little each month because of daycare.

Anyone here work in HR or know those laws? I live in America.