I might be pregnant. (EDIT)

Hello, I’m 18 years old and my boyfriend will be 20 this Sunday. I’m a senior in highschool and he is in college. We’ve been together since 2015; and have had multiple pregnancy scares over time of course, but this time it feels different. My family is very unaccepting, and my mom has told me multiple times since I was young that if I were pregnant not only would she force an abortion but I’d be kicked out. I’m not sure how his family would react but I’m pretty certain we would both agree to get an abortion regardless because we are both without jobs in school. I’m almost 2 weeks late, and we will be taking a test this friday. I really hope I’m not pregnant but what do you think I should do if I am? I want to avoid telling my parents, as I am 18 so I’m not sure if I could go through an abortion without telling them. I’m scared because I don’t know if it’ll ruin my relationship. I just have a lot going on. I ask for kindness but honesty in the comments. Thank you.

Edit: So I took two tests and turned out I wasn’t pregnant. A day later I got my period 🤦🏻‍♀️.. I know everything was my fault. I didn’t want an abortion but I felt like he would’ve wanted one so I was scared. We usually use protection but one night we didn’t. I should get on Plan B, I know. So now here’s a confession...My boyfriend actually was such a sweetheart. When we found out I wasn’t pregnant; the whole time before that he was the only one keeping me sane and keeping things optimistic. But he was freaking out in his own time and doing research. He admitted that he was now 20 (just turned 20 today) and that he needed to own up to his responsibilities. He decided that he would work full time and stay to support me and the baby. I definitely didn’t expect that and I feel guilty for half wishing we did have a baby. But I’m glad we still have time to prepare and hopefully he will still feel that way in the future when we are financially and emotionally stable. Thanks for the advice guys:)