He needs space??

Okay so my boyfriend is having what I call a ‘wobble’. It’s basically because he’s such an avoidant person (like Big from sex and the city!!) that sometimes he ends up acting out in the relationship where I have no point but to take a step back and give him some space. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that sometimes a little space in good in a relationship, but I just struggle because I feel like my boyfriend is such an unattainable person? We both love eachother and want to be together forever, but part of me wonders if he wants the best of both worlds of being single and in a relationship. It’s getting to the point now where I’m sick of the ups and downs. Also it’s so hard giving him space, all I want to do is talk to him but I have to keep my blabber mouth shut and let him come to me!!

Thoughts or advice ladies???