Needing advice and remodies for constipation in 1 month old


Anybody have any fast remodys or advice to help with constipation in a 1 month old. My daughter hasn’t gone poop for 3 days and she is miserable and won’t go to sleep and constantly wants to be nursing or on my chest, I ran out of options I give her gas drops and it makes her fart but still constipated.So if anybody has fast remodys that is safe for a 1 month old please message me I don’t like my baby miserable😫 when she does poop she poops All day and then doesn’t poop for a few days and she never use to have a problem going but now she does . I Nurse for 15 mins on each side but her doctor says I have to give her 2 to 3 oz of formula after every nursing session I only give her 2 oz and sometimes 3 but that’s rare . I use (similac pro-sensitive for fussiness & and gas due to lactose sensitivity) I was using the stuff the hospital gave me and that seemed to hurt her stomach but made her fall asleep and poop then I tried using emfimal but that made her really miserable with her stomach in so much pain. So that’s why I changed it to similac pro sensitivity and it’s been helping much better it’s not hurting her stomach as I know of and I been using it for awhile and she barely started to get constipation she would always poop but now she doesn’t poop for 3 days after she does have one. I’m desperate for any advice or remedy’s that will help my daughter go poop. She farts a lot and it smell like when you neee to go poop but no luck need help !:(