im breastfeeding and my fertility hasnt returned yet ((OPK question))


with my first born (also exclusively breastfed) my period didnt return until 9 months post partum.

I had used opks the first few months after my first born and the test line was always practically nonexistent...

well, i started using opks after my second born (2 months old now) who im also exclusively breastfeeding, and ive got some considerably darker lines than the first time around, but not dark enough as control. Also the couple times ive check my cervix was very low or very firm. (never checked with my first)

im just wondering if these different opk results could mean anything this early in the game?

i just want to mention my first born was up every 1-3 hours though the night until like a year old 😆☠️

while my second has been sleeping through the night since birth practically! he did an 8 straight hour stretch just the other night 😳🙀 its crazy/amazing! i heard sleeping through the night can kickstart fertility though... thoughts?

the pink ones are the few new ones ive take with baby #2 around 2 months pp

and these are all the ones i took 2-3months pp with my first baby