Ok i’ve been dating this guy for almost two months. Everything is fine except for one thing. It’s my own head. A year and a half ago, he broke up with his ex of FOUR years. I can assume that she was his first love. A few nights ago, i did some research which i shouldnt have done and found her fb. She’s rlly small and pretty, shes in the same culture as him (i’m not), they grew up together and everything. I know he’s with me now so i shouldn’t worry but it does kinda make me insecure. Last night, we were going through his yearbook and he flipped over her page super quickly, and also i saw him reading her note (like how ppl sign yearbooks) slyly. his hand was in the way so i couldn’t see but i saw it was her name. I’m 23 and never been in love before, i want it so badly and i fear that this issue may cause me to become paranoid or something. I wish i could be someone’s first love. It sucks because he’s really perfect and kind and treats me well. I know i should get out of my own head but it’s just weighing on my mind a lot. i’m always thinking of ways i could be different than her but i’m having a hard time. when you aren’t someone’s first, it’s the worst feeling.