Should I go in?


So 1st baby I was induced.

2nd baby I had a sweep, went into labor 24 hours later. The contractions started as barely there period type aches/cramps coming at very regular intervals and lasting 30 ish seconds. I still wasn’t going to go into the hospital because I wasn’t in pain but when I got up to pee there was tons of red blood. Got there in active labor ready for epidural, etc

I’m n baby number 3. I’m 36 weeks. About 3 hours ago my belly (all over was having tightness coming and going - which I’ve labeled as Braxton Hicks for myself ) these went away and I started having abdominal cramping. I’m also having back pain in the small of my back. I can’t breath every time one of these abdominal cramping episodes comes on. I tense up and hold my breath. If I’m standing I have to hunch over. It hasn’t got so bad that I’m crying yet. But it hurts. It really hurts. These are in NO pattern whatsoever.

Labor? Should I go in? Im always reading women go in and sent away for stuff like this.

Or should I wait and call my dr at 8 am (8 hours) which is gonna suck if this continues because the past 3 I’ve been miserable and nervous