Am I overreacting

My daughter is 9 days old now in the NICU. I won’t go on with the details of that but she was pooping a lot for a few days which made her butt raw. Like bleeding raw. They had us putting a certain cream and then Vaseline on top to help dry it up.

When I went to change her diaper today, I pulled the diaper off, and the diaper literally was stuck to her butt so bad, it peeled off onto her skin and was caked over her butthole. They told us the cream was to keep that from happening, so whoever had changed her diaper while we were away didn’t put enough or something I assume.

I called the nurse in and showed her and she just told me to pick it off, but when I did, it ripped off the cream that’s supposed to dry her open wounds up and opened them back up.

I was livid at the time because she was screaming in pain and the diaper ripping off on her butt made it so she couldn’t poop because it was caked over her butthole. And the nurse really didn’t have much of a reaction to it.

Am I overreacting or should I say something?