Ive been dismissed

At my old job I got really close to my coworkers. We kinda became a group and had girls night every once in a while. We shared intimate stories and I even had a holiday party where they all came with their SOs and we had an amazing time. One of the girls even said I finally have a group of friends that I can call my own. The feeling was mutual. Its so hard making good girl friends the older you get so I felt very lucky.

3 weeks ago I left my job because my employer was discriminatory. It had been a while since I heard from the girls and it upset me so I reached out to them and I got one word answers, kinda cold...from one of the girls I got nothing.

They went to an event in the city together this past weekend and didnt invite me. Something they know I would have liked. It was a chocolate expo and other than the fact Im PMSing right now I LOVE chocolate and they know that (i mean who doesnt?). And although it really shouldnt get to me it did. I legit started crying in my room thinking how I'm 30 and losing friends. As you ladies know, having a boyfrined and losing him feels one way but losing your friends is a whole other type of hurt.

So I just sent this message in response to a facebook story they posted with pictures of them holding chocolate covered goodies to one of the girls and similar ones to the others:

(Notice my desperation 🙄).

Should I just get the hint? Is it normal to be pushed aside when you stop working with your coworkers? I dont think it should be that way. What are your thoughts Glow Fam? Advice to not feel so shitty and your own stories would help alot ❤