False labor?


36 weeks 2 days

6:45 pm - tightening from top of belly (under boobs) to bottom of belly. Random. Not painful. (I’m assuming Braxton Hicks - been having this since way early)

8:45 pm - turned into cramps Where you would get period cramps. (When I went into labor with my 2nd this is where the cramps/aches came, but these last night were more painful and irregular)

Like I said, these were irregular. But they were coming soooo often 😫😭

But random, like lasting 15 seconds, 40 seconds, 20 seconds, etc and every 10 mins, 2 mins, 6 mins, etc. no rhyme or rhythm to them.

Like I said it was cramping where period cramps would occur. The pain was also in my lower small of my back.

I was in pain, it was hard to breathe through these but it wasn’t excruciating. I didn’t cry so that’s how I scale my pain. Lol.

Sat in a warm bath from 9-11 pm. Helped a bit but I could still feel them happening.

Finally made myself sleep at 1 am.

Woke up from the pain at 3 am , 4 am and 545 am.

Woke up to get daughter ready for school at 6:45. Had about 2 sets of the pains .

It’s now been 3 hours and nothing 🤷🏼‍♀️

False labor?