am I childish..

so today my boyfriend was ignoring my advances, rolling over moving farther away.. then every time I attempt to “help” my self out he was constantly hijacking the plan by either being all up in my phone while I using it or conveniently only ever having to use the bathroom when I want privacy. I had already tried multiple times to get him with the program but to no avail🤦‍♀️ eventually after being interrupted in the bathroom once more I gave up. His phone is broken so he usually uses mine to play games or check his email so as I was heading out he asked to use it. He spent 20 minutes in the bathroom and I took my phone back to having xvideos all over my safari. I’m not one to usually care about my partner watching porn, but when my advances are being consistently ignored and he wants to see girls that don’t resemble me in no way shape or form instead, I can’t help but feel really insecure over it.😒