Not sure where to post this.. not joined on main ttc groups anymore bc I’m bitter & can’t see that stuff lol

I was diagnosed w insulin resistance a few months ago. I was put on 4 500mg pills a day. It bout killed me. Not the usual side effects. It knocks me out & makes my muscles cramp so bad I can’t take it. And I get a headache Usually too.

I went to primary care dr to ask if I can change meds. She said metformin is best for helping me have a baby tho.

We been trying for about 2 years & wasn’t ttc but wasn’t preventing awhile before that & I’m usually fertile & my husbands sa was great so it must be me or my age.

I can’t take metformin more than one pill every other day tho. Is this enough to help the insulin resistance & why does it help w pregnancy??