Help! Baby with skin issues


My son has TERRIBLE eczema and is constantly scratching at his head to the point where it bleeds and is covered in scabs 😫 I cut his nails down to the nub but he still finds a way to cut the skin. I have to keep socks on his hands almost 24/7 but then he just incessantly rubs his head and whines/cries because it is so itchy. His whole body is always so dry and scaly. I have tried so many different moisturizers and whatnot but haven’t found anything that’s really given him any relief. He also seems to have allergies as one lotion gave him an awful full body rash. We switched to the hypoallergenic formula hoping that would help his skin and his excessive spit up but haven’t see much improvement. Any suggestions?? What has worked for you/your babies with skin issues/allergies?